“Theft Recovery Made For You By Law Enforcement Officers”

Roughly 90% of all stolen property cannot be entered into NCIC (National Crime Information Center) because victims don’t know their serial numbers, or their property never had one. On top of that the property that may be entered cannot be properly identified when serial numbers and alterations have been made by thieves.

The biggest problem we see in our years in Law Enforcement is not finding stolen property but rather not being able to find the rightful owners. It’s nearly impossible to find the property owner when serial numbers are missing or altered and your agency did not take the initial theft report. We come across stolen property regularly but it usually ends with the property being held without ever locating its original owner.

That is why we invented “Chip.IT”. A NFC microchip embedded into a weatherproof, water, heat and cold resistant sticker, about the size of a quarter, that can be placed on all of your property.

Chip.IT uses NFC Technology which can be scanned by most IOS, Android and Google cell phones with NFC capabilities activated without any additional apps to download. Each Chip.IT microchip is programmed with your name, phone number, and a unique serial number. Attach the Chip.IT microchip sticker to anything you own to add an extra layer of protection in the event you are a victim of theft.

Scanned Record

Law Enforcement can simply take their cell phones and pass them over property to wirelessly read your programmed data. Chip.IT can be scanned through plastic, paint and other materials within close range. Chip.IT comes in many different colors and styles to help mask the sticker. Place it behind plastic covers, under seats, behind batteries, under frames, behind fabric or literally anywhere a cell phone may be able to reach it!

With this technology, we as Law Enforcement can bridge the large gap between locating stolen property and getting it back to their owners. Place Chip.IT on your lawnmowers, bicycles, golf carts, power tools, ATVS, vehicles, trailers, electronics, boats or anything you want to protect now!