• What If I change my phone number anytime after I purchase and place my Chip.IT stickers?

You can login to your record by Clicking HERE and signing in with your Chip.IT Number and password that you used to create your record. If you do not know your Chip.IT Number, simply scan your Chip.IT with your cellphone and read the record to see the “Chip.IT Number”.

If you require additional support please contact Support at Contact@MyChipIT.com and they can easily reprogram your Chip.IT information remotely! Your information is stored in the cloud for easy updates!

  • What do I do if I become a victim of theft?

Contact Support at Support@MyChipIT.com and we can flag your Chip.IT as stolen. What this does is place a red flashing notification on your record that shows “Stolen” if your property Chip.IT is scanned. Although Chip.IT is not GPS they do provide a level of tracking by storing the I.P. address of every device that scans your Chip.IT along with it’s close proximity current location if Law Enforcement needs the information to help attempt recovery.

  • What materials will the sticker work on?

Your Chip.IT stickers and tokens use strong 3M 467 adhesive. The white and black stickers and tokens use a ferrite shielding for on-metal use as well. Which means you can stick it to virtually any smooth surface such as wood, plastic, metal, fabric and glass. (The red stickers are NOT rated for on metal use. By placing the red stickers directly on metal surfaces will cause the Chip.IT to not scan properly. Make sure the surface is fairly flat and clean with no chipping debris. Your Chip.IT will also be able to scan through certain light materials such as plastic. (Chip.IT will not scan directly through thick wood or metal) The Chip.IT heavy duty blocks have two holes to either bolt or screw the device onto your property.

  • Can I use the stickers for other purposes other than theft recovery?
  • Absolutely! If you have a special purpose or need that you feel our stickers may benefit you, contact us at Contact@MyChipIT.com and see what we can do for you! We can make special purpose databases directly for your business.

  • Can you put the stickers on a rounded area?
  • Yes. You can bend the chip slightly to go around a curved surface such as a bar. Please do not crease or fold the sticker as they may no longer function in that position. Test the sticker to ensure it still will read at your bend/curve level before placing the sticker. Bending your sticker will not damage the sticker, however going past a 45 degree angle may obscure the device from properly reading.

  • How do I prep the area?
  • Simply take an alcohol prep pad, or any other non detergent cleaner, and clean the area thoroughly. Dry the area and then stick your Chip.IT on the area. Press firmly to make sure you get a good solid seal.

  • Where do I place the sticker?
  • You can place the sticker, token, or block anywhere you wish within easy access to be scanned with a cellphone! Please make sure that the Chip.IT is able to be within a 1 inch range from a cellphone at anytime for proper reading of the Chip.IT. You can place the Chip.IT under frames, seats, behind plastic covers or anywhere you want to place it. It is very important you check that the Chip.IT will be able to be read before placing it permanently.

  • How can I scan my own Chip.IT?
  • If your phone is NFC capable simply place your phone while its on the main home screen as close as you can to your Chip.IT. A link will appear asking you to open the record. If the link is not appearing try moving your phone as your NFC reader built into your cellphone may be located in different areas depending on the type of phone you have.

    If you have an android device, make sure your NFC is enabled by going into “Settings” and click the “Search” icon and search for “NFC”. Most Android readers are built in the center of the back of the cellphone.

    If you have an IPhone device, your NFC should already be activated. Most IOS readers are built in the top where your front camera is located.

    Some older cellphones may not be NFC capable. Most newer phones and builds have NFC technology.

    To learn more in depth on how to scan with your cellphone, please visit our “How To Scan” page.

  • What information is stored on my Chip.IT?
  • Your first and last name, phone number, company, description, Vin/serial number, and a unique serial number assigned to your Chip.IT account. Each Chip.IT also stores the creation date of your record and the I.P. address of every device that scans your Chip.IT along with it’s close proximity current location if Law Enforcement needs the information to help attempt recovery.

  • Can I have my own logo or artwork put on my Chip.IT?
  • Absolutely! Please contact Sales@MyChipIT.com to speak with an agent on how to submit your logo or artwork. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing. Custom orders may be subject to additional charges.

  • Are these GPS?
  • Direct GPS devices require batteries and transferable data (Internet). Chip.ITs require no batteries to operate. Although they are not GPS devices, they do provide a level of tracking by storing the I.P. address of every device that scans your Chip.IT along with it’s close proximity current location if Law Enforcement needs the information to help attempt recovery.

  • How long will my Chip.IT last?
  • Chip.IT will last depending on proper placement, and care along with weather conditions. Most moderately climate controlled areas will last years. Chip.IT does not require any batteries to work.

  • Can I paint over my Chip.IT Sticker?
  • Yes! Your Chip.IT will still scan through paint.

  • Can I use additional adhesives on my sticker?
  • Yes! Although not necessary, using your own discretion, you may apply a small amount of additional adhesive such as “Gorilla Glue”. Your sticker comes with 3M brand 467 adhesive and ferrite shielding for maximum and durable adhesion. (Note: You may not hold Chip.IT responsible for damages incurred from using glue and adhesion products that you have used during the installation of your Chip.IT)

  • Can a thief reprogram my Chip.IT?
  • No. Each Chip.IT is written and locked for a one time permanent use only. Thieves cannot rewrite your sticker. Thieves cannot make fake Chip.ITs either as they are programmed with special serial numbers that are tracked and recorded.

  • Can I use them outdoors?
  • Absolutely! Each Chip.IT is heat, cold and water resistant that is made of a plastic based coating to allow for outdoor use.

    • Do you make keychains or dog tags?

    Chip.IT also provides key chains and dog collar tags for identifying your animals in the event your beloved pets become missing.

  • Is there a service or subscription fee?
  • No. Chip.IT will never bill you for any services. Once your Chip.IT is programmed it becomes your property. You will never have to pay a subscription fee.